Best wedding flower alternatives

What Are Some Wedding Flower Alternatives?

So, you’re in the long and hectic process of organising your wedding, but you realise you have a flower arrangement nightmare on your hands. You can’t use fresh flowers because they’re expensive and the types you want are out of season.

For those of you who want to retain some traditional aspects of the wedding such as carrying a bouquet, whilst doing your own non-traditional thing – there are other options too. Here are 5 great ideas to get a wonderful alternative wedding bouquet:

Artificial Flowers

Well, it’s recently been agreed that it is absolutely okay to use artificial flowers at your wedding, and advancements in the quality of the fabrics has led to widespread praise for artificial flower arrangements.

Silk flowers are still a great option for your wedding, especially considering the sheer variety of options they will afford you. Plus, you can think of it as an investment into something that you will be able to keep for years to come, unlike fresh flowers which will soon die after your wedding day.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can be a perfect choice for a rustic, vintage style wedding – especially those taking place in the autumn where fresh, sprightly flowers may potentially look out of place. Along those same lines, brides are turning to alternative ideas for bouquets where it is obvious that the flowers are not real, such as paper or felt flowers.

This could be an environmentally friendly message at a wedding where the couple wants to retain the token image of having flowers, without resorting to the use of live ones.

Fabric flowers can be created and arranged to your heart’s desire – in whatever shape or size suits you. And it doesn’t just have to be the felt flower trend either: what about French beads, pom poms, gingham?

Paper and origami flowers

They are a quirky way to add a touch of personality if the couple are interested in crafts. In this instance, you could save the cost of hiring a wedding florist and create the bouquet yourself from papercrafts, adding any extra elements that you’d like. Indeed, the options are endless if you choose flower alternatives made from papercraft – down to the wide array of paper types and shades that are available to you.

Just one such option would be rainbow bouquets, made out of different coloured papers for each of the petals. Another idea, either for a musician couple or those who are just fond of music, would be to create flower arrangements out of sheet music.

It could be a song that has important meaning to the couple, or a copy of the wedding march folded up into flower shapes. This is one idea that imaginative brides could really run wild with.

Leather Flowers

Finally, if you want something really different, what about roses made out of leather? Yes, this is a genuine product from company Leather Wedding Roses, but we have a suspicion that it won’t appeal to everyone.

They’re made from black and silver leather fabric, so if you want to pursue this trend, make sure you have a minimalist, monochrome colour theme in mind. In fact, these leather roses make us think of Paulette’s leather wedding pant-suit from Legally Blonde 2, which is not entirely a good thing.

That said, if you’re a fan of leather and leather furnishings, why not incorporate this into your wedding? You do you.

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